Our work?

The Tiny Studio is the creative platform for startups and entrepreneurs that provides affordable on-demand marketing solutions at high industry standards with a digitally glocal team. As opposed to traditional models, we bring you a managed studio service to deliver your projects on time and on budget with a hand-picked team dedicated to each client and every individual project.

What do we do?

We empower communities of creatives everywhere to create the future brands and startups in their regions and support entrepreneurs with a highly-skilled glocal workforce, as and when they need it most.

Brand and creative stuff from scratch through to the delivery of extensive implementation programmes, spanning from logo design, brand strategy, marketing collateral, packaging, literature and websites. For an extensive list of services or a thorough discussion about how we can help you, click here, scroll down, or get in touch via the chat window in the bottom right corner.

How do we do it?

If you have a marketing requirement, let us know your need, we qualify it with a few initial discussions and come up with a proposal and a timeline to deliver the work. 


If you are happy with our proposed solutions, we shake hands. In the backstage, we build a handpicked team of creative leaders in digital, print, copy and visual advertising. Depending on the services you require, we can provide samples of work for you to choose from or on-site support, as well as solutions that are localised in your language.

How much does it cost?

There is no fixed price, your designated Creators make the price. Here is how costs are calculated.

What does it look like?

See some of our work below. As we work with a lot of young businesses, a lot of our work is bound to non disclosure agreements and cannot be published.

Business cards and some extra imaginatio


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