We are a global network of ambitious and creative professionals and we run all operations from a central hub in London.

We operate fast and efficiently because regardless of what our clients need and where they are, we most likely have a way to do it or know someone who can do it in the client's area and thus we can bring almost every idea to life.

We bring specialists from our own global network of highly-skilled workforce with an overwhelming pool of talents, braincells and patience. Being linked as a network of specialists that work together on a project-by-project basis means we are also on the same wavelength, which helps our turnaround time massively.

Whilst we have regional Account Managers ready to pick up projects in various geographical areas, we do have a core team who ensures processes are running smoothly. Say hello to the core team!

Who are we?

Founder and Brand Strategy Consultant, Alice Vasiloiu

Having gained over 10 years of experience in media, marketing, management and sales (recruitment) internationally, Alice created The Tiny Studio in response to the need of a creative platform for startups.


She's proud to say she's worked with some of the finest companies on Earth - Google, Cisco, Siemens, Dell, Johnson & Johnson, Mars Chocolate, Akzo Nobel. However, she believes it’s the startups that actually need to raise awareness of their product offering effectively, yet they tend to be the ones struggling the most, due to lack of market expertise or funds. She therefore launched The Tiny Studio, which is a dedicated creative platform for startups that provides marketing solutions at high industry standards through handpicked glocal teams.

In her spare time, Alice is a wanderer, a pack rat, obsessive draw-er, scribbler, photographer, daydreamer, laugh-er, traveler. She enjoys riding her motorbike, smothering her dog, and enjoys lamplight, moonlight and flashlights. If she's not brainstorming for new ideas for projects and brands, she's probably reading about the latest geekiest devices or booking her next meet-up. Read more here.

Marketing Specialist and Creators Resourcer, Alice Csizmadi

Alice is an optimist, a human of few words, she likes foreign languages. She likes bubbly wine, books and shoes. She'll always have an answer if you ask her about the quirkiest spots in town for a good coffee too.


She can do a little juggling and walk on a tightrope, she likes building and inventing stuff. She worked in event planning, graphic design, marketing, and is also the co-founder of a cool start-up that's focused on repairing things.

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The DevOps Genius, Victor Ungureanu

This is our code whisperer. He can turn ideas into reality and automate anything in the blink of an eye. He's our newest core team member, always wearing a smile.


He's also an avid clarinet and piano player (did you see that coming?) and we suspect that with that engineer mind of his, he's planning to stun the world with a new musical composition made up of a Fibonacci sequence.

Financial Guru - Adina Butunoi


Adina is the mind behind the numbers, she's as organised as her endless spreadsheets and will mesmerize you with her ability to compute and come back with a result before you've even finished thinking about the question.

She is an excentric fashonista who will be up to date with every trend and even set a few, and owns more pairs of shoes than any average human being. She enjoys a good laugh and a spontaneous trip in any direction whatsoever.

She's trained in Ernst & Young and it's safe to say that she is currently one of the most successful finance professionals in the South-East of England, to say the least.

Editor and Tech Consultant - Etienne Froment

Etienne is our fab freelance editor and tech consultant, he's trained as a journalist and with degrees in PR and International Management studies in England and Scotland, Etienne worked his way up into the large media corporations in Belgium.

First worked with Rossel Media Group, then with the very popular Le Soir newspaper. He also owns his own tech blog, Geeko, and can talk for hours and hours about the latest Apps and Devices, new technologies, Web 2.0 startups and entrepreneurship.

On occassion, because he's a superstar, he gets interviewed on shows about new technologies (IFA MWC & CES), and can be watched in full action on Reuters as well as a few Korean and Chinese channels. Casually, because why not.