We can't ever have a direct answer for the question “How much will my website, logo, brand design or a ‘full-option’ marketing campaign cost?”. There is no standard price, because there is no standard client. 


Every client engagement is one of a kind because it comes with its own particular needs. Then we design tailor-made services around each client. But before we know about your business, we cannot put a price on our work.


How work costs are calculated


It will cost you more to hire us than to hire a freelancer. But we’re a lot more affordable compared to hiring a larger agency, because we operate remotely (no payroll and office fees), we hand-pick teams tailored to your individual needs as and when you need the extra hands and thus afford to give you an 'agency experience'. You even get to have your own Account Manager to look after your project end-to-end. 


No small print: you only pay for the product you need + administration (account management) fees and the project management hours of the Creators that would need to jump in, according to the complexity of your assignment. But there are no commitments or ties, if you are happy with our quote, we have a deal! Simply put, here's how it works:



You brief us (via your intake form)                     We check your requirements, build your project-specific team and gather required Creators' prices, then put everything in a proposal for you.                    Once approved, we get to work.

Let us know what's affordable for you and we’ll do our very best to work around that. If we think it won't cover the work, we’ll let you know and suggest other solutions. If you need more details, ask us how this works using the chat window below, or drop us an e-mail here.



Every once in a while, we offer discounts on our services. These are announced on our blog and Facebook page.