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Doifrat are an organic food start-up in a green, hilly and breathtaking area of Romania. More specifically, they are a mushroom farm. One of their unique selling points (apart from selling the best mushrooms in the area and delivering them to the buyers’ door), is that they grow and deliver spotless, organic and fresh produce all year long with hardly any competition, as most of the mushrooms in Romania are imported and the demand is about 20 times higher than the current supply, making the acquisition of local mushrooms highly profitable from Doifrat’s and from a buyers’ perspective.


From an employee perspective, they offer incredible benefits to their staff. But they needed people to see the whole picture for themselves.


We engaged the key stakeholders, decision makers and some of the staff in a focus group discussion and our research resulted in the following insight: most employees did not feel connected with the company and did not have a clear understanding of the functions of the business and everyone's role. 

We then identified the marketing material that best matched their needs and put together a multi-channel approach to keep their people engaged and informed across all business and all levels. Our mission was to align the staff to the brand's values and revamp their internal comms to communicate their activity, successes and benefits of being part of the team, with a view to make everyone feel part of the family.


We organised an on-site photo-shooting and used the material to put together a virtual tour to attract people to visit the farm.

We created a brochure that contains all relevant information about the business and all traits of its main product.

We introduced the company's newsletter that would be sent out every three months and highlight the latest successes, partnerships and staff achievements. 

From the website to their social media presence, job description designs, e-newsletters and all marketing collateral, we created all their comms to ensure consistency and clarity across every channel in a way that really does justice to this innovative brand.

As this is an ambitious start-up with serious growth plans, we wanted to help them make sure their current employees are happy and well looked after on the long run so we also created an employee survey for them and made sure it would be circulated internally on a regular basis.

Doifrat’s audience includes the founding partners, restaurant and pizzeria owners, local market sellers, chefs, process engineers, harvesters and forklift drivers, so all branded material needed to be effective, clear, engaging and capable of communicating with a diverse workforce, across all functions of the business.

The outcome? Most notably: a 120% increase in Facebook page visitors, a 133% increase in candidate acquisition and even a 26% increase in their staff retention rates!