Euromonitor Foundation for Excellence is a not-for-profit organisation that is committed to promoting, supporting and recognising excellence in Romanian society. The foundation is known for implementing the European scholarship programme, an ambitious project for young journalists. The programme itself is a unique opportunity for specialisation in European Affairs, allowing young journalists to become the future media correspondents in relationship with the European Union.


Whilst most of their programme lead generation campaigns have been on social media, their website was outdated and they felt like interest had been declining over the last few years. Our client thus figured it was time to redesign the site and target customers more effectively.


We analysed the Foundation's audience to identify best ways to improve website performance and to offer them a website refresh and overall branding revamp, including logos and key imagery, by taking into account the demographics of their buyer personas and the spirit of their programmes. 


An insightful yet light and easy-to-digest website featuring news and information around the Foundation's programmes, with a fresh and futuristic upgrade in their logos and key imagery.