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Building successful startups vs. fantasy startups

Hello entrepreneurs,

Based on the interest and popularity of the previous meet-up and points covered, we will be looking at similar topics at this workshop/ Here's our agenda:

- How do we map out the foundations of a great startup idea in a world of endless possibilities? - What's the secret to building a successful startup? Is it the passion, the commitment or being in for the long haul? - What does your startup journey look like? - And how does a startup grow, realistically?

In this meet-up by The Tiny Studio & StartupBlink, we will be exploring some simple steps and principles that can draw a line between a failed startup and a successful one.

You'll leave with a few clear action points and most likely with a few useful business cards.

Connect to other entrepreneurs and help your project grow by knowing the active people in your startup ecosystem. This is an unofficial and relaxed networking event for people looking for ideas, co-founders, team members, investors, suppliers, and clients.

Our events are usually joined by up to 15 members, each participant will get a chance to introduce themselves and their project to the other attendees.

Book soon to secure a spot, places are limited. See you soon!

All details on our meetup page, as usual.

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Post-event photos (this was fun!) :)

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