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Creative Strategies for Start-ups with a tight marketing budget - ideation session

The Tiny Studio hosted its first creative event in Reading, UK in April 2017, with the aim to introduce a series of workshops for local start-ups. 

The first five Thames Valley start-up founders have agreed to meet us and share ideas about what they're looking to get out of these workshops and the structure they would find most useful. 

With idea generation exercises and heavy brainstorming, we've come up with the first few thoughts of how to help start-ups overcome branding and marketing challenges.​ The main conclusion of this session was that regular brainstorming sessions and workshops are necessary in order to keep ahead of the curve in the commercial landscape for startups, which is why The Tiny Studio is committed to starting a series of dedicated workshops for startups and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Watch this space to find out when the next session is coming up!

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