Let's support small business owners affected by COVID-19

Small and medium businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy, and they took quite a hit this year. We've kicked off a campaign to support them in these challenging times.

The effect of the COVID-19 crisis on SME performance across the United Kingdom is immense. According to McKinsey & Co., of 600 SMEs surveyed in May 2020, 80 percent report stable or growing revenue for the year before the pandemic began. Today, 80 percent of SMEs say their revenues are declining and they also report several related effects: 

  • concern about defaulting on loans (one of four) 

  • concern about their ability to retain employees (24 percent) and doubt in their ability to sustain their supply chains (28 percent) 

  • expectations of reducing headcount in the aftermath of the pandemic (28 percent) and postponing growth projects (36 percent)

Research shows that most of these business struggled with muted demand, new customer expectations and operational challenges because of health and safety restrictions.

We've put a plan in place to help them get back on track, by looking at their digital presence and tackling their challenges in that space. Are you in? Help us help a struggling business.


Sign up below and we'll run you through the details and our collaboration proposal*.


*only applicants with existing sales experience (3+ years) will be considered. Thank you for your understanding.